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Technology is a daily changing factor in agriculture, with every part of the industry being affected. We at Little Texas Bison Ltd. have tried to keep up on on the latest changes and will continue to do so.
Research & Development

For us here at Little Texas Bison Ranch, every day brings something new and exciting to research. The development of the ranch depends on us to keep up to what is available to improve our day to day operations. This is a fast changing industry that demands we stay informed.


The Starfire system improves application rates, fuel economy and land stewardship. Monitor machine performance and job progression anywhere and anytime.

AutoTrac is a hands free guidance system that allows the operator to do an entire field with little to no overlap saving time, fuel and equipment wear, all hands free.

The list doesn't end


Rapidly changing weather can make or break any rancher’s livelihood, but this is where technology comes in, a good weather station that can make accurate forecasts and allow for prompt actions if there is an impending weather emergency would be a tremendous benefit.

For this alone, choosing the best weather station for ranchers shouldn’t be taken lightly as these devices may include extra features that can make them even more beneficial to farmers. 

They read and measure wind speed and direction, pressure, temperature, rain level, and solar radiation. But also include UV index readings, soil temperature and moisture, leaf wetness, and water temperature. The right tool for the job.

Drone Use

The use of drones in almost every sector of the economy is growing fast, but drone usage in the agricultural industry is booming. From scouting to security, drone use will become more ubiquitous on large and small scale farms in a few short years. The information gathered by drones on farms and ranches is often used to better inform agronomic decisions and is part of a system generally referred to as ‘precision agriculture’.

In many areas, drone use has become an essential part of large scale precision farming and ranching operations already. The data collected from drones recording fields help farmers and ranchers plan their planting and treatments to achieve the best possible yields. Some reports indicate that using precision farming systems can increase yields by as much as 5%, which is a sizeable increase in an industry with typically slim profit margins.

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