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Our Mission

To Unlock the Potential of Nature to Improve the Quality of Life.

     The implementation of our mission statement is evident in virtually every sector of Little Texas Bison Ranch.

     Our agricultural products, from the bison to their pasture, winter feed and supplements, are produced to actualize their greatest nutritional and economic potential. In addition, products such as health-promoting nutraceuticals, are just the beginning of natural-based innovations from Little Texas Bison Ranch that show great promise to improve the quality of life.

OUR MISSION: To unlock the potential of nature to improve the quality of life.

OUR COMMITMENT: To make the world a better place by applying advancements in research and technology to agriculture.

WHAT WE BELIEVE: Our most valuable assets are our people and our customers. Responsible corporate governance delivers value not only for our shareholders but also our family, employees and ultimately our valued customers.  Agriculture is the key to sustainable global growth. In an innovative, entrepreneurial environment that empowers great ideas. In the creativity to see, the freedom to develop and the capacity to act. In integrity and responsiveness in all our interactions. And last but not least a profound respect for the environment.


Set Your Goals High, and Don't Stop Until You Get There

Our Goals


Business and family goals include:

  • To be one of the largest bison producers

  • Provide a legacy for our children and grandchildren

  • Increase our cow/calf operation yearly

  • Expand into a Gate to Plate operation

  • Develop and build an onsite federally inspected processing facility (this facility could also process surrounding bison producers stock there by creating additional revenue)

  • Acquire additional land for expansion

  • Continued research and development of best land use and animal handling practices

  • Spend quality time with the family (Trip to Disneyland with the Grandchildren)

  • Philanthropic donations to encourage the next generation of farmers and ranchers

  • Be a leader in innovative thinking and implementing systems and practices that improve the quality of the soils and water sources


     The Little Texas Bison Ranch, sprawling out over thousands and thousands of acres of beautiful fields and trees is an amazing view. Our future plans for expansion are grand, but it's always a good idea to set your goals higher than you can achieve, that way you always have more to work towards. Having goals to achieve is what keeps us alive.

     This land is some of the most beautiful in Canada and has the resources to sustain a substantial foundation herd. With future land purchases and herd expansion we will be one of the largest bison ranches in Canada and then North America. It will be tough competing with Ted Turner but that’s what we're shoot'n for.

     Little Texas Bison Ranch is located in the heart of a diverse agricultural community. Once we are a little more established we will be opening up to visitors and tours, with a gift shop and meat retail outlet. In the mean time we won't be turning guests away, but you may get put to work.

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