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The Company


     Little Texas Bison Ranch Ltd. was incorporated in February 2020, with the major shareholders being, Kelly Foy, Lyn Foy, and Shawn Foy as well as shares on hold for two undisclosed persons, and Shares in trust for grandchildren.

     We’re “Little Texas Bison Ranch Ltd.”, we are a new bison producer in the start-up stage, in an up and coming industry.

     We believe in only ethical farming, using regenerative agricultural and rotational grazing.  Our bison are growth hormone free, no antibiotics, in bison on a subtherapeutic (non-therapeutic) basis, no cross-breeding of bison with another species (DNA Tested) and providing a product that is in every word healthier and better for you, our customers, our family, and our friends, all at a fair price.

     We specialize in regenerative agriculture and pure Plains Bison.  Our bison are DNA tested for purity before entering our breeding herd.  Every possible method is used to keep our land as natural as possible, and yet still keep our product at reasonable prices.  This is a love of the animal we take pride in, selling you the best product available at a price that everyone can afford.  What a concept "Eating healthy at a reasonable price".  As the company grows and profits allow we intend on marketing every possible part of the bison, from soap (made from the rendered fat) to mounts.  Our end product, will be the finest and purest Bison meat you can buy.  Being a consumer ourselves we know all the confusion behind big marketing's play on words.

     Realizing the demand for bison meat and the need for a heathier alternative for Beef, Pork, Chicken and Fish, we continued our research into the most natural way to raise and market this product, by no means an easy task, our conclusion was to "Go Big or Go Home".  So here we are, hair back and givin' er, as Kelly would say "Get on board or get out of my way", as for Lyn "Tell me it can't be done, I'll show you how", Shawn "Obstacles are meant to go around, we  are coming straight over". 

  • Determined: YES

  • Positive:       YES

  • Confident:    YES

  • Ambitious:    YES

  • Serious:       YES

     We believe in honesty, integrity and good morals,

     Here at Little Texas Bison everyday is a learning experience, new ideas, new technology and a new day.

     We are planning on expanding at every opportunity, more land means, more bison, means more product availability.  What is the limit, there is none, not until we run out of land, can't see that happening.  The economic benefits are immense, abattoirs, ranch personnel, administrative staff, shipping, equipment, the list goes on and on.  Old time town will be built to include overnight accommodation, general store, bison round up, horse back rides, boarding, our list is endless.

Please follow us and join us for a tour to find out what it's really all about, or just come and join us for a BBQ night, try out our quality meat products.

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