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How We Started


"It started as a dream, just an idea, it would be so great to raise Bison.

Now, after almost four years of research and thousands of hours of work, it is close to reality.

But the bottom line is still, the love of the beast, they are such an amazing, majestic animal.

To be a part, no matter how small, of bringing these magnificent animals back is an honor."

Founders Kelly & Lyn Foy

     Although bison or buffalo were always in our minds, there came a point when we started thinking about the possibility of starting a hobby farm with a couple bison. Well hobby farm research soon became a full-time research project as we found the demand for bison meat was near endless.


     Our society today is concerned with eating healthy but is being mislead at every step of the way.

Grass Feed what does it mean?

Organic what does it mean?

Farm Raised what does it mean?

Bison Cross what does it mean?

And lets not forget Almost Meat, no actual meat but the chemicals give it a longer self life than me.


What conditions do they live in and what feed do these animals actually get.  Every day there is some new word that describes and deceives us into thinking we are eating healthy food when in actuality we are eating something that is genetically modified, and being kept in feedlot conditions.


This is not just bison this is all the meat products on the market.

     In our researching the most natural feed for bison, we found our land, our water, our entire eco system was being depleted by methods used in our current, and our past farm/ranch management systems.  These methods have been in play for centuries, generation after generation of farmers have been doing the same thing, thinking it was fine.  New research is now showing the soil nutrients are being depleted and there-by leaving more carbons in the air.

     Ok now lets clarify here, we are not hippies, not eco nuts, not PETA or Greenpeace activists.  But we do care about what we are leaving our children, their children, and their children's children.  Lets try to clean up our mess the best we can.  It can be cheaper to destroy our resources and then move on to greener pastures as it may be. But we know right from wrong. Its not the problem of someone else, We all know right from wrong.

     We are doing our part, now you need to do your part. Eat Right, even if you don't buy our product.                  



Our Company
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     Find out what we are all about, the thoughts and feelings that make us unique, the inner workings of the ranch.  It's a non traditional ranch that is made up of thousands of hours of research and countless hours of sleepless nights.  We are all about what's right.

Our Team

     Each of our team members brings a strong set of skills to the table.  We strive to be the best stewards we can be for our bison, our land, our water, and our environment.  We may be a small team, but we are growing and a force to be reckoned with.

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Our Mission & Goals
Our Mission.png

     To Unlock the Potential of Nature to Improve the Quality of Life.

The implementation of our mission statement is evident in virtually every area of Little Texas Bison Ranch.

     Our agricultural products, from the animal feeds and supplements, are processed to actualize their greatest nutritional and economic potential.  In addition, products such as health-promoting nutraceuticals, are just the beginning of natural-based innovations from Little Texas Bison Ranch that show great promise to improve the quality of life.

Environment & Sustainability
Environment & Sustainability.png

     At Little Texas Bison Ranch we not only specialize in bison but we also specialize in Rotational Grazing and Regenerative Agriculture.  It is our belief that Mother Nature knows best.  Instead of using herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers we believe in using the natural eco system and encouraging the native grasses, 

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