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Bison Done the Right Way Solutions for a Healthier,  Sustainable Future
Regenerative Agriculture

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Our Ranch

Our Ranch


     The concept of Little Texas Bison Ranch Ltd. was originally started as a thought and a dream of having a hobby farm with a couple Bison by the founders Kelly & Lyn Foy.  Soon after it became obvious that there was a need for good pure Plains Bison products.  After years researching every aspect of this project, endless updates, recalculations, and we are still learning, updating and recalculating.

"A day without learning is an unproductive day"

"This is a legacy for our children, our grandchildren and the generations to come."

(Founders Lyn  & Kelly Foy)

     In todays world there are many companies selling meat products. Competing in the market is about trying to find another word to wow consumers into thinking they are getting a better, healthier product, and yet the consumer is still being sold feedlot, inferior product that is pumped full of chemicals. Any product that has a longer shelf life than you is probably not good for you.

     At Little Texas Bison Ranch it's all about a pure healthy product, "And it starts with the land, water and air".

     With Little Texas Bison Ranch you get products that are not only better and healthier for you, but also every possible effort above and beyond has been made to return our land, water, crops, and animals back to a chemical free, non GMO, natural environment that they are ment to have.

     We can't change the world but we can make a little difference, and hope that others will follow.

     Now you say why?  For the deep love and respect for this magnificent animal, the land, our water, the air we breath but most important of all our children, our grandchildren and the generations to come. The desire to be a bigger part in conserving and bringing the bison and our environment back to their intended state, let's all help to bring a cleaner, healthier world for our families. 

Our Team
Shawn Foy
Ranch Foreman
Kelly Foy
Lyn Foy
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     Come and meet our team. Each member has qualities that are essential to our operations. We have not only immediate team members, but future members that can be groomed to the operations. Click on Read More below to meet our team. But most importantly every member of our team is family, weather it be by blood or association.

To us it is a lifestyle not a job.

Latest News 

Life Changing for Farmers & Ranchers

Dec 4-7, 2023 | Covington, Kentucky

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November 10/2023


List of Online Auctions and the contact information to join in. We generally follow 

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Jack Auction Group



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9500 Glenlyon Parkway
Burnaby, BC, V5J 0C6

Tel: +1.778.331.5500
Fax: +1.778.331.5501
Canada Toll Free: +1.800.663.1739
USA Toll Free: +1.800.663.8457

November 10/2023

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